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  1. Is there any lawyers in the house? Does anyone know a lawyer that might be interested in taking this on?
  2. You’re right, it would look much better if it was installed on the inside. I will continue to look for a spring loaded hinge that would work. It is extremely nice having full access to the gas tank and may have to forego the aesthetics for function
  3. There is nothing destroyed on the lid, it works perfect. I did trim the top of the lid down on a prior project to make way for the Rox risers. Not sure how you would get a hinge on the inside of the lid but I’m sure it could be done. I don’t think the modification is that noticeable. It doesn’t depreciate a plastic lid that was already ugly, cheap and unfunctionable
  4. It would be tough mounting it on the inside. If you had the right size hinge you may be able to make it work. The outside hinge works extremely well. Just need to pretty it up some
  5. The gas tank lid was designed very poorly and is a hassle to put gas in the tank.I modified the lid on my 2018 Yamaha venture so it would go all the way back instead of standing up at a 90° angle. I bought a 2 inch hinge from Lowe’s and installed it on the back of the lid. I removed the factory plastic hinges with a hacksaw. I covered the hinge with the fuzzy side Velcro to hide it. It works real well. I have included pictures.
  6. Can you tell me the exact process for removing and polishing the covers? What grit sandpaper did you use, etc. thanks, Kent
  7. Thanks for your reply. I may look into some type of hinge that will allow the lid to come back further
  8. Has anyone made any modifications to the gas cap lid on the 2018 Ventures? It is cheap looking and a pain in the butt to put gas in the tank with that lid! I would like to remove the lid and put something attractive there. Maybe a chrome cap. There are lock/unlock buttons that may require the lid to be closed to work. Any suggestions?
  9. Reloaded it a couple of times but same result. Not sure about a reboot.
  10. I have downloaded the latest Software (R12.2.0) and Map updates on my 2018 Venture per online instructions. It is showing that it is updated in the system info but the NAVI button on the user screen will not light up to use. What do I need to do? Please advise. Thanks, Kent Mouzon
  11. We have been very happy with the Corbin seats. They are not as soft as my 2007 Venture pillowtop seats but are comfortable on a long ride. The stock seats were flat and hard. My tailbone was killing me after only a hour of riding. My wife's comfort wasn't much better. We went down to the Corbin store in Daytona Beach and they put one on for a test ride. They conformed/shaped to your butt better and are larger in size. They are firm but not hard. You have one year to have it reworked for shape and softness for free but no money back guarantee. They say it takes about 4000 miles to break in. If I had to do it again, I would buy them.
  12. Having problems uploading pictures from computer. It says upload has failed. Any suggestions?
  13. Once I put a driver's backrest on my 2018 Star Venture my wife had no room on the passenger seat. I fabricated brackets to move the seat back 3". Kuryakyn makes filler pads that are made for the Indian to fill the gap after moving the Indian trunk back. They work perfect for the Venture. You will need two pads stacked on top of each other and siliconed together. ($26 each)I hollowed out the bottom pad about an inch to allow the wiring to have some slack. The holes in the bracket are 2.5" above the original holes and 3" to the rear of bracket. The bracket is aprox. 11"x4" and made of 1/4" aluminum plate. It has been spray painted a satin black. (Pics attached) I also added Corbin seats because the stock seats were very uncomfortable on long rides. (optional) My wife and I are extremely pleased on how the project turned out. I also raised her footboards up 1" due to her legs hitting the saddlebags. I used the aluminum plate to make 1" tabs. I have included pictures and will be glad to answer any questions. I was about to sell the bike after only a month until I came up with this solution.
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