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  1. Is there anywhere I might find the chrome piece on the front of front fender? Mine was missing when I got bike and the ones I have seen were in excess of $200 which is insane to me. Thanks!
  2. I'm sure they are judging by the website it took me to when I clicked the link you posted LOL
  3. LOL, I like the mic-mutes but having a hard time translating the website. May want to check it out.
  4. I removed the cassette deck today and it wasn't very difficult. The door is still intact, but my question is what was the deal with not breaking it? Are we reusing it somewhere? So, as it stands currently I just have a big opening that I'll have to do something with as the door is attached to the cassette deck. Just curious what people are doing with the door.
  5. Is there some kind of sealant that needs to be used when putting tube back? I pulled mine out last night while trying to separate hose for tube and was thinking I would have to replace petcock assembly. Thanks in advance
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