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  1. Check our Rides & Events Page for upcoming ride information! www.urcpghinc.com
  2. There is a really great group of folks who ride every weekend in the spring and summer no membership required you are welcome to join any of the scheduled rides. Most rides can be anywhere form 4 to 8 hours on a Saturday or Sunday. ALL bikes are welcome. You will have a great time. Very well organized. www.urcpghinc.com
  3. thank you for checking for me. This is my first VR that looks totally different then what i am looking for it crack were the screws hold it to the lower fairing panel thank you again for checking for me.
  4. Finding that out ............ been looking on eBay for a year now. Might have to use Plastex Repair Kit - Plastic/Fiberglass Repair Kit recommended by another member.
  5. My panel is cracked, i keep checking eBay but only come across the left side. If anyone has one, i would be interested in purchasing it for the right price.
  6. Left hand shift or right and where in the hell do you sit?
  7. 83-93 Yamaha Venture XVZ1300 FAIRING CB/ Air ride class TERMINAL ACCESSORY PANEL Mine isl cracked, i am going to try to use a resin underneath to bond and hold it together. If you have this part i may be interested in purchasing it just the panel.
  8. or haul when (MY) wife wants to bring (two) large suite cases .......
  9. What do Harley's and German Shepard's have in common? (before anyone gets upset at me, it's a joke)..... (i have owned Harley's before & i like them)..... They both like to ride in the back of trucks!
  10. Wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas .
  11. adding another antenna today, why? because all i get when riding is country music which my wife loves ......... i am more rock and roll ......... plus i think it looks cool heres the before pic
  12. don't know if i made the dead line to post just added luggage rack to my 1986 VR 1300 we have one more long ride schedule for next week! looking forward to the October fall ride
  13. I have a 1986 royale 1300cc When on the highway at 60 mph it runs a 3000 RPM's is that normal. It also feels like there should be a 6th gear. This bike has power when turning the throttle .... scary fast.
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