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    1986 Venture Royale

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  1. Awesome color.. I just painted mine this past winter.. 2020 BMW paint code. Nice , fresh and looks new, not 25 years old LOL
  2. Hi, Has anyone had what appears to be a burnt computer screen, right where the fuel guage display is ? Seems to move depending on the angle that I look at it. Is there a solution beyond replacing ?
  3. Morning all, My bike is on a diet, as i do a repaint. 86 Venture Royale Available for reasonable prices are the radio components, complete with all wiring, the CB radio, the handlebar control, Antennae ( missing top part) and wiring, and most of the intercom cabling ( expect the one intercom cable that runs front to back.) Let me know what you need? I can send pictures if required. You pay shipping ! Ken
  4. I have the CB and the cassette deck removed.. Radio still works, and no issues with the cruise. I installed a couple of 12 volt plugs in the spot the cassette was in and use the cb spot for a switch to turn on the class system when I need to use it. Ken
  5. Got my adapter plate and filter this week !! Seems to work great NO issues.. Thanks so much Ken
  6. I bit the bullet and found and bought a new oem circuit board.. all issues with errors solved,. I definitely can not solder.
  7. Thanks... I did not notice any corrosion, but I will do that today.. then apply some dielectric grease. ken
  8. Thanks.. It seems when i move the wiring around at the wiring harness, I can get it to fire up and set the pressures.. not sure if it's the pressure on the pins, contact at the pins or a wiring issue... Ken
  9. Morning.. Does anyone have a error free Class controller assembly they would sell ? I have re-soldered but no luck.. e 1 all the time. Let me know ! Ken
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