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  1. He was going to take a picture but cannot find bike now. If he took a picture we would just thing he was taking a picture of some trees and bushes
  2. I had a victory before my RSV, and there is a forum for them I think they use the same software, I learned then the few buck you pay for the advice, help and friendship is well worth it. I have had people call me from this site to help me with by bike Thank you all that willing to take your time to help us less knowledgeable folks
  3. I am impressed 94 and has a girl friend, you go!!!!!
  4. I did that with an older laptop and I took the screen off and hooked it to a flat screen TV, I used a cordless keyboard and mouse to run it. I had 50 inch computer monitor
  5. I had this on my 07 shortly after I got it, the problem was the clutch fluid was low..... I was thinking massive expense but got lucky
  6. I am a couple hours from the coast in South GA. Right now the eye is passing us. Other than some wind, a lot of rain and few branches down, not much going on here. Probably wont have the bike out today..... However the folks in the Big Ben of FL I hear and see on the news got it pretty bad. It could of been worse, the storm could of come ashore bigger. When I use to do some work for the emergency management and communications, the fear is one day a storm, taking the same path as this one, but as a CAT 4 or 5 will come and the majority of the population would not be ready. Maybe the FL folks would be but in South GA they have the mentality of just wind and rain.... If the wife would let me, I would bring the bike in the family room and do a good cleaning on it. But all is pretty good here
  7. Thanks, I had a Chevy truck that also sounded like this once, when someone was turning the key, you had to hit it with a hammer to make it start, there was a dead spot or something on the starter.
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