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  1. Pull all the plugs out of the cylinders and spin the motor over. If your not going to be using the bike for an extended period, shut the petcock off and run the carbs dry. This will ensure the carbs won't leak down into the engine.
  2. Yep had a great few days working together! Carl let us take our time so we didn't forget anything. Even so we did put a couple things on out of order and a couple reroutes for hoses but NO missing parts and no left overs. I think we could have done the job quicker also but we would have had less time getting along. And with all the parts that had to be removed slow and patience with thinking over and discussion helped a lot! I only had to change 2 shims on the valve check--not sure how many Don did. Carl got my choke to work properly as I must have too much oil and the fitting got cover
  3. Was fun working on the two bikes at the same time. Made it easier comparing how to take certain parts off and how to put them on....routing cables and hoses.... finding "missing" pipe clamps that found places to hide... Carl as supervisor and advisor... Pic of bike stripped down and almost all the parts taken off... then not even a single extra bolt....and the bike back together and running.
  4. drat. Thanks for all of your work on the Carl
  5. One of the reasons I only use oil from my Yamaha dealer. I spend a couple of bucks more but I know it is of good quality but more importantly I am supporting a local business
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