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Stinger Motorcycle Trailer:

Guest black knight

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Guest black knight

Hi folks, I am considering buying a Stinger Motorcycle Trailer, I would like some feedback on this trailer, I have never bought a trailer for my bike before and I need some direction from people who have some experience with trailers.





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I bought one two years ago. The first time I loaded my venture the highway pegs hit the fenders, the trailer wasn't wide enough. I called the company about the problem. They sent me an axle that was 4" wider. The wider axle is made for a goldwind. I had no trouble loading my bike. I hauled the bike to Daytona last year didn't have any trouble.

The only thing I had trouble was tieing down the bike. I had to take the saddle bags off so I had more options to tie it off. You had to put a strap around the rear wheel and rail

to help it from bouncing in the rail. I put six straps on it. The trailer pulled real good you didn't know it was back there.


If you have any other questions let me know.



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Guest maddabber

I thought I would let you know that stinger trailers are on sale now for at about $1500.Can up here .Got an email from them and if you purchased one before the end of Nov I believe, please do not quote me, there would be an additional 20% off. I deleted the email.

You might want to check it out now.

I have heard no bad comments about these trailers.


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