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2007 Royal Star Venture

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  • carbs sinked and adjusted ,
  • starts and idles well ,
  • but has a stumblewhen cool ,
  • seems to go when it get realy warmed up or hard on the throttle. any ideas hard on the throttle 
Item prefix:  carbs sinked and adjusted 
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Check to see if the air boxes have been modified of if there are K&N filters installed. 

On my 2007 when I modified the airboxes, that is cut the holes larger, I  had a stumble on hard acceleration, I shimmed the needles, see the tech section for doing this, when I put K&N filters on the stumble came back and I had to re-shim the needles, that mostly got rid of it. The only way I got rid of it was to purchase a used pair of unmodified air boxes from Ebay.

May not be your problem, but easy to check for.

Also check that the diaphragms in the carbs are not damaged, some times they get pin holes in them

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