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2004 RSV Factory Exhaust

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Anybody out there with a factory original RSV exhaust they might part with? I picked up a 2004 RSV Midnight, it has a custom exhaust that is obnoxiously loud... I would like to convert it back to the original Yamaha 4XY-1 & 4XY-2 exhaust slip-ons.

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I have a set of nearly new, early 2000’s, Harley RK pipes that fit the Venture if anyone wants them.  Need clamps. 

I tried them out, didn’t notice much difference, so removed the rear baffle plate. A little louder, but not much.  Someone here suggested also removing the front baffle, but I decided to just put the stock pipes back on.  

I paid $50 for them & that’s all I will ask, plus shipping costs which would likely be another $35-50 within the US.  

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9 hours ago, dunkins1 said:

I happen to have oem exhaust from a 2003 Midnight Venture in near new condition. The original owner replaced with Bubs pipes. Let me know if you are interested.



The whole exhaust system or just the mufflers"

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