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I have a multitude of good usable parts off a 83 Standard. The engine 40,000 miles ran beautifully when removed, all lights, unmolested wiring harness, perfect seat, two windshields, forks, brakes, etc essentially everything but the plastic, frame, and carbs. This bike was given to me by a friend to start my Venture project years ago. Everything will go by spring so I can clean up. No charge, we can arrange how to get it to you. I thought that I would give them to someone resurrecting a Venture, without spending a fortune.



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@ rjjammer, your post touches a deep part of my heart, and I want to thank you for such a wonderful offer to help others out.


I find your post touching in a way that I can relate too very well. In years past, we had a FREE parts section and I personally saw where several VR family members offered up the spare parts that they had sitting around on a shelf to others here FREE OF CHARGE. At times, even the shipping was free. The FREE parts list / section was a big thing here and it sure helped many members, but a few years later, it sort of fizzled out.

Every now and then someone, such as yourself, steps up and offers what they have to others for FREE. I find this a very welcomed offer and hope to see it return through out 2016.


I do hope that no one ever takes advantage of asking for a free part, only to sell it later to some one else.


Thank you for such an act of kindness!!!!!!!!!!!



Pay it forward in 2016.. !! :stickpoke:

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Hey rjjammer! I've got an 83 royale i'm trying to get running well again, unfortunately though I bent the double headed screw for the shifting linkage really badly, any chance that you would still have one you'd be willing to part with?

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OK here goes I went down a while ago insurance replaced all parts so I have some parts that have some scrapes but can be salved.

All FREE : all parts are from a 2007 Royal Star Venture.

Upper outer Faring

Right side bag and lid

L & R lower fairing

L & R front motor guards

Set stock exhaust pipes

Stock tall windshield

Short windshield light scratches

stock signal light bar

passing lamp bar

Back pack lid

also a set of stock grips.

Hope someone else can use these, I need to clean out the garage would hate to just through them out.

Please contact me.

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