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Where to look for parts.


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Hi Everyone New to the Venture scene, been on Harleys for years and wore the last one out and decided to upgrade to something different. Bought a recovered bike, that was in Dallas, flew down and picked it up on a Thursday afternoon and was home in Corbett OR Sunday night. 2500+ miles and my back side didn't hurt when I got home, marvelous! Worse problem was keeping a radio station in tune. 2 things I'm in need of the left side motor guard, and the windshield cowling, this is a 2004. Is there a good place to look for salvaged parts or to buy new at a discount? (besides Ebay) Latr Chris

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It is a E-Bay search. Right now it has 1453 parts in it.



yamaha venture -480cc -wave -viper -vector -xenon -phazer -mountain -exciter -snow* -srx -venom


Try the one above for a search string, it narrows out a bunch of the snowmobile stuff.


Mine shows 1,047 with this string.



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