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2nd Gen FAQ - Radio, CB, MP3 and other External Audio

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Radio, CB, MP3 and other External Audio

(still under construction)



Q: How do I use an MP3 player or other audio device with my Venture?


A: There is an Aux input jack right next to the stat-of-the-art cassette player in the fairing. In addition, many owners have used a splitter in the Aux input line to add an additional input jack right next to the Aux power jack on the left side of the fairing (be advised, however, that you should NOT connect two external audio devices at the same time, even if you have two jacks, unless you use some type of external isolation device to prevent probably damage to one or both of the audio devices). Please see the threads in this section of the Technical Library for all the answers: [ame=http://www.venturerider.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=74]Radio, CB, GPS, Etc. - VentureRider.Org[/ame]



Q: My CB antenna is on a different side of the bike than my buddy's antenna - how do I know which one is right, and does it make a difference?


A: The CB antenna should be on the left side of the trunk. It makes a difference because the CB unit is mounted under the trunk, and the antenna wire from it is not long enough to reach the CB antenna if it was mounted on the wrong side during dealer prep of your bike.

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