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Pillow top Seat Cover

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I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a driver pillow top seat cover laying around that I could buy (regardless of the condition). Yeah, as many seats as I have done over the years, you think I would have one...but I don't. What I need it for is to give it to my upholsterer so he can use it as a pattern to make us some new covers.....as these seats are getting long in the tooth and the older covers are coming loose. I can rebuild the foundation foam to get it back to the original shape but when a seat needs a new cover, that's another issue.


Now Yamaha still has a part number on this cover, but it's still just over $200....and all of the stock in the US is gone and I understand that they now have to come from Japan.


Let me know,




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Hi Rick, You worked on my seats a number of years ago and I'm still real happy with them. I don't have an extra cover laying around but if you don't come across one before then I'd be willing to send you my seat at the end of the riding season here in Boston as it is as you said, getting a little long in the tooth and thin in several spots. You could use the cover that's on it for the pattern and then recover it for me before returning. I've got to think you'll find one from one of the awesome members here before then, but if not my offer will stand come November. I usually put her away for the winter after riding in the Veterans Day parade here in town. Best of luck in the meantime finding one

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My 03 RSV has a Pillow King and same for queen. I picked up a singer quantum to make masks and other goodies and Ive already ordered material to duplicate my seat cover in burgundy. If you dont get one by the time mine is done , I will make myself a pattern and palm it off on ya.

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