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Gas in exhaust

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If you are taking significant volume of liquid....I would be concerned one of your left cylinders was full of fuel when it was started.


You might have lucked out on a possible hydo lock damaging the engine.

Is the oil level now high....check for possible gasoline in crankcase.


One or more carbs having leaking float needles.


Any chance the bike is running an aftermarket fuel pump....

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I would shut off the fuel petcock to prevent more leakage till you sort it out.


One problem that seems to occur is while the stock fuel pump has spring loaded valves

some of the aftermarket units do not.

Even though the float needles are supposed to seal in a perfect world, the stock pump valves

gave a secondary barrier to fuel getting through the float needles when parked.

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I would not run the bike til this issue is resolved. I had a rstd that did the same thing on rt rear cylinder, hydro locked when starting and bent a rod...pulled the plug , blew the cylinder out, started bike and...instant engine knock. No fun to deal with. Rod bent and the piston skirt was contacting the crankshaft counter weights.

Best of luck on yours.


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I think since the pump point set can be replaced, rebuilding the OEM is a better path.



Most owners don't shut off the fuel petcock every time.


I do all the time now. Just make it a habit. At least my other bikes have vacuum petcocks so you don't have to on them.

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Here is some information posted by VentureFar. Since you have already bought a new pump you can get a set of these points and rebuild your old pump and have a spare. Sure beats buying a new pump! :080402gudl_prv:




It is an aftermarket set. This is where I got them and how much I paid. You can buy them from many sources and almost all the others are less expensive and free shipping. It is only because of the exorbitant charge for shipping that I do not recommend my supplier.

just google 18-4615 and you will see the same part everywhere and cheaper.. Same part, exactly. Even the service writer at North Hollywood Yamaha when pressed agreed a better fix is points replacement instead of a whole new fuel pump.



18-4615 - K&L Supply Universal Fuel Pump Point Switch Kit Universal Fuel Pump Point Switch Kit Color: Black @$33.95ea.


Subtotal: $33.95

Shipping: $17.77 via UPS Ground

Estimated Delivery: 2/24/14 - 2/27/14

Sales Tax: $0.00

Total Amt: $51.72



329 By pass 123

Seneca, SC 29678



Hope this helps.


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