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  1. So I went ahead and took it apart. The sound is coming from one of the gears on the transmission shaft. I figure it's just normal clearance but never having this apart before I wanted to make sure it wasn't something else.
  2. After 70k miles my clutch slipped a few times when in higher gears. I pulled the clutch apart this evening to do the Barnett upgrade. Friction discs are all at .118 thickness. When I spin the clutch boss (inner drum) it sounds like something is loose behind it. It doesn't sound or feel like a bad bearing. If I move/spin the boss back and forth it sounds like something has rotational free play. My question is what's behind the clutch boss? Is that free play normal? Should I try to remove the clutch boss to investigate? I don't have a clutch holder tool and don't mind buying one if I need to get
  3. Funny you should post this now. As I was riding home from work yesterday I was wondering if I could convert my 06 to mid controls.
  4. Leo, Just curious​ what you had to do to adjust the beam sideways. My 06 has an adjustment screw with a phillips head that you access behind the fairing to the right of the steering neck. (Opposite of the vertical adjuster).
  5. Hope this works. http://www.venturerider.org/forum/showthread.php?106638-Gen-2-coil-frustration. Sorry, I'm at a conference and only have minute to reply.
  6. I had posted in the past a way to replace the wire and cap. I had done it on my 79 XS1100 and cut one of the coils off of my 05 Venture to show that it could work. I'm away for the weekend but I'll try to find my original post.
  7. Mine is due to arrive tomorrow. Just don't know when I'll have time to install it.
  8. Hey Leo, I ordered a pair of H4s on Saturday and they just now emailed and said they don't actually have them and want to refund my money. How about you?
  9. It took me to that other place too. I just had to unsubscribe and try it again. Don't know why it did that.
  10. Just wondering if anyone here will be at the Skyview Ranch Men's Retreat at the end of this month? Located in Millersburg Ohio.
  11. OK Gary. You just went too far. Now I'm starting to covet that led. :-)
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