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  1. I run a BF Goodrich T\A Radial 155\80 on the rear of my 02 RSV and a 130 commander 2 up front.  After much trial and error I settled on 41 psi up front and 45 psi on the rear.  Low speed handling and mountain twisty switchbacks are no problem.  I have slid the forks up 3/4",  replaced the fork springs with sonic straight rate springs with 15W fork oil. Increased head bearing torque by 10 pounds. All this combined , my bike now handles way better than the stock configuration.

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  2. Scary tale there! Glad they were able to patch you up.  I watched a riding buddy take out a rather large bird with his cheek at 60 mph! The bird exploded into a cloud of feathers and darn near knocked him out, he was able to get the bike stopped safely too.

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  3. Good for you Chuck!  Jeannie and I did the same about 8 weeks ago. Like you, we both feel better. 


    @cowpuccowpuc great to see you posting ! Hope all is well with you and Tippy.

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  4. Nice ride you got there. I see you're in Ohio, keep an eye out for Freebirds maintenance day  meet come springtime, it's a friendly get together in your home state, where you'll meet some good people, learn a few things about your bike and eat way more than you should!

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  5. As always, Carl has sage advice. I tried as you suggested and that nap produce a nightmare, I awoke in a panic, my scoot in flames! Guess that touching those 2 wires together wasn't the best way to start the diagnosis! Lol


    Thanks Saddlebum, my bike is an '01 so it has the LCD dash.  I'm hoping that like problems with the sound system I can cure this by just cleaning all the electrical connections from the speed sensor to the display.


    Videoarizona,  I'll be looking at that also.

  6. Took a ride yesterday and my speedometer is going crazy, the indicator needle is fanning out and sweeping across the gauge face then back to normal, repeat, then the needle just disappears! If I shut the bike off and retry it goes back to normal for a short time.  Where should I start troubleshooting?

  7. Had plans to be at the 21 meet but we ended up in michigan instead 🙁   I'm hoping to be at the 22 meet.   On a different subject, we're going to run the dragon sometime next week and a few other roads yet to be determined.

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