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  1. I was asking about the clutch basket ID itself. Original owner supposedly had the "I" basket installed...I just wanted to verify if the basket had an obvious marking on the visible surface. But since I already did the clutch disc project & forgot all about looking at the basket markings, I guess it's a mute point now HA! I've got the whine between 2500-3300 RPM. It bugs me, but others dont seem to notice it.
  2. Am thinking of doing the Barnett clutch upgrade on my 2006 RSV. When I have the cover off & pull out all the discs, are there visible markings on the clutch basket to tell me which version I have installed (without removing the basket)? I just want to verify which one I have in there.
  3. I did just that. Got the new ones from Mike & installed today...they work great. Will be sending back mine to him Monday. Thanks for pointing me his direction!
  4. Don't I have to pull carbs off & separate them to be able to pull off the T from each carb going to vent hose? or can I do it without going that far?
  5. My 2006 RSV with 67k miles recently had a stuck float & fuel streaming out one of the vent hoses. None of the easy stuff worked to fix it so I removed carbs & cleaned myself (didn't really find anything) and after reinstalling it ran great again & no longer leaked. I was happy... Have put 600 miles on since with no issues...until yesterday. 250 miles into a 350 mile ride, I noticed it was leaking when we stopped for lunch & it idled for a bit. It's coming from RIGHT side carbs again...same as before. Tried rapping on float bowls, drained bowls, ran it turning petcock on/off until it died, laced with Seafoam & rode it like I stole it...still leaking again. Needless to say I'm kinda pissed! So I'm thinking it's time to take into shop & have carbs rebuilt. Are there different levels of rebuilding them, or with 67k miles should I just have everything rebuilt? And what all does that entail? I've never had any issues with engine on this bike (except the whine!), and now same thing has happened on 2 long trips...and I was going to go on another run to Black Hills at month end. This sucks!
  6. I drained out some oil & it looked & smelled normal...but I'm thinking of just doing an oil change anyways.
  7. I did rap on the bowls with bike running, but it wasn't standing up straight. However, once I tore into it, I discovered that the hose spewing fuel under the RIGHT lower cowling was actually tied into the RIGHT side carbs instead of the LEFT like most documentation says. So I was in fact rapping on the wrong carbs! Oh well...
  8. Got everything back together & seems to run normal again! Thanks everybody for the help & Tech Library information...I'd have never tried pulling out carbs without step by step instructions!
  9. Put in new plugs today & verified gaps. Did a 10 mile test ride & bike ran great! I then pulled those plugs to check condition & they seemed good with white tips. I did notice the threads on the left side plugs were oily...while the right side threads were clean. Is this normal? ok? Or what would it signify?
  10. Put in new plugs today & verified gaps. Did a 10 mile test ride & bike ran great! I then pulled those plugs to check condition & they seemed good with white tips. I did notice the threads on the left side plugs were oily...while the right side threads were clean. Is this normal? ok? Or what would it signify?
  11. Hey guys, regarding my supposed stuck float (fuel coming out RIGHT carb vent hose), tomorrow I'll be reconnecting the carbs & give the bike another try. Just thought I'd let you know what I've done so far & see if there's anything else I should do before hooking everything back up. Let me know...JR Here's what I've done so far (with the help of videoarizona & lots of Tech articles): Drained gas, pulled petcock (looked good), and checked tank (looked good) Bought new ethanol free gas & added Techron to it...ran for 10 mins, sat for 2 hrs, ran for 10 minutes, sat overnight...same issue with fuel coming out RIGHT side carb vent hose but not as bad as before. I traced that hose back & mine is NOT connected to the LEFT side carbs, but to the RIGHT sides instead...so apparently the stuck float is one of the right ones Pulled surge tanks & found quite a bit of oil...cleaned up & lowered my oil level to 1/2 way up sightglass instead of 3/4 like it was Was going to inject carb cleaner thru carb drains but since I wanted to remove the pilot screw caps & was already this far, I followed Tech Library instructions and removed carbs completely Removed float bowl covers (everything looked pretty clean) & inverted carbs, then blew thru fuel hose lifting each float for a few seconds. Was able to remove 2 of the floats & clean everything thoroughly, but the other 2 couldn't be removed without pulling carbs apart (which I didn't want to do) Cleaned everything I could with carb cleaner Put float covers back on & then injected carb cleaner thru each drain hole & let it sit for an hour. Then emptied & flushed with gas Drained everything again Changed all spark plugs (and air filters were changed a few hundred miles ago) Before reconnecting everything tomorrow, I'll move carbs onto bike & attach fuel hose to them, then operate the ignition to run the fuel pump & fill the bowls...then continue turning key off/on & see if anything leaks anywhere...including coming out vent hose again. Not sure this is valid test without the bike running...but assuming nothing leaks then I'll reinstall everything & give it another try.
  12. Had bike into dealer in the Hills & they did run it in to "check it out" since I was traveling thru (gotta give em that)! When they came back & told me they thought it was a carb issue, but I need to replace all plugs, petcock, and air filters as well as soaking carbs & replacing Needle Valve set...for $1100 and wouldn't be done until I was scheduled to come home...I told them no thanks. When he said the air filters were plugged up, I kinda lost it cuz I just replaced them about 400 miles ago...so my "getting screwed sensors" kinda went up immediately! $750 of that was for labor. So now I'm home, where I might not have a ton of knowledge, but at least I have more tools! I'm a bit leary to pull the carbs out unless I need to. I'm guessing it's not fuel filter either since fuel shoots out of fuel hose and out of vent with no problems. So to start with I'll remove tank, drain fuel, pull out petcock & check condition, pull out fuel filter & check condition, replace plugs (just cuz), add new fuel with some kind of additive (hopefully Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner) & retry it. I'm gonna try Cowpucs idea of shooting carb cleaner directly into each carb bowl if I can get at the drain hoses. If that doesn't work after running awhile, I may have to pull out carbs (I found instructions in Tech Library). Is that a good start?
  13. Unfortunately, neither of those worked for me. Gonna try to get into a dealer for service but looking like I'll be without a bike the rest of my vacation...sh*t!
  14. Hey sldunker, Was yours running...but running like crap while this was going on...like mine is?
  15. My 2006 RSV has always fired right up & run like a champ. 5 days ago I returned from 100 mile ride where it ran as normal. 50 miles in I filled up with gas & it continued running fine the rest of the way. 2 days later when I loaded into toy hauler for vacation, it started hard & I had to keep the throttle on or it would die. Weird but didn't think anything of it...I should have... I unloaded in the Black Hills & it started hard again. I had to stay on the throttle or it would die. As soon as I started riding I could tell something was wrong. It had much less power than normal but I was able to get on highway & get it to 60mph, but it was missing & sounded like crap. Got back to camp & felt all 4 exhaust pipes. The right rear one was warm, but not nearly as hot as the others...so I changed that plug...didn't make any difference. While it was barely idling, I noticed a fuel smell & found fuel shooting out of some kind of overflow hose under the lower right front cowling. That hose appears to go back up in between the front 2 carbs. What is that hose called? So when I call the Yamaha dealer I can give them some good info. To make matters worse, we're camped in area with no cell service, so have to run into town to look things up! Any idea what's going on? Is a float stuck or something hosed up in the carbs?
  16. Can the pilot mixture screw brass caps be removed without removing tank/carbs? I see the caps & can get a long screwdriver in there to adjust the screws, but caps are still installed. Cant get any leverage to pop them off. Just wondering what the trick is. I dont have a 12" needle nose to grab it with.
  17. Looks like the Michelin Commander III Touring only has 12 sizes available...and NOT a 150/90B15. Rats... On the Avon Cobra Chromes, does the lack of siping in center of tire allow for hydroplaning easier in rain downpours?
  18. For those of you that have purchased tires within the last year, is there a consensus to the top 2 or 3 out there for our big RSVs? I've been running Avon Cobras for years and have liked them, but the set I currently have on needs replacing after only 9000 miles (usually I get 12-13k). So just starting to look again...
  19. Still around. Got a lot of Black Hills riding in this summer on my 06 RSV. Hope to still have more riding this "fall" after our winter storm snow melts away!
  20. We've got a Brittany (approx 50#), so he's too beg for that kind of tank bag.
  21. Anyone know of any used Wags pet trailers (or similar) for sale? If not, anyone use a trailer like this for your dog?...how do you like them? I'm guessing people like them since I can't find any for sale!
  22. Anyone know of any used Wags pet trailers (or similar)?
  23. Right below the carbs on right side of RSV, I'm trying to figure out what this hose is for...and what it connects to. I'm sure it's an easy question, I just haven't stumbled across it in the Service Manual. Thanks for the help...JR
  24. Actually I haven't done anything with it yet. It got buried by 5' of snow last fall & still hasn't surfaced again! I'll post again once we find it & decide what to do...JR
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