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  1. I just noticed the banner of this forum, it look so nice.
  2. I am not a fan of orange color, but it looks nice on your trike. I really like the details of it.
  3. I still use Google Map for road trip and so far it never disappoint me since I always reach my destination.
  4. I'm not that new to this forum. Did you guys change server? It looks new to me. 🤔
  5. Driving around the neighborhood gives me a peace of mind.
  6. I found this place using Google, and so far I am enjoying the topic on this forum.
  7. Sleet and snow makes it hard for me drive my bike during the winter season. Background music of the video reminds me of The Avengers.
  8. I agree, they did a good job handling Coronavirus. I am watching Mark Wiens and it seems like everything is back to normal in Thailand.
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