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  1. Forgot to add. I was told the stock rods would handle the 18 psi. Decision to go with the A beams was mostly due to availability and better bushings.
  2. The plan for the engine is to use JE 8.5:1 forged piston and Carillo A-beam rods and vmax flywheel. Should be able to use the whole vmax rev band with the setup. According to John at PCW 18psi should be safe and beyond that no matter what I do I'll start breaking things. Beyond that I'll be getting heavier valve springs, o-rings on the cylinder sleeves and copper head gasket. With the weather progress has been slow. I did pick up another 87 Venture Royale to use for donor parts.
  3. Bought this one for my wife almost 2 years ago and it's been great. I've stolen it for many projects. Plenty of torque to drive 3" deck screws in a pinch when the impact driver wont fit into the space. Great battery life. The gyro feature took a minute to get used to but is great especially in tight spots.
  4. Yes those were the oval pistons. 8 valves per cylinder. Two connecting rods per piston. Basically mini V8s. They also had a 6 cylinder 2 stroke screamer back in the late 60's. The RC166 I think. 250cc and almost 70hp. 20,000+ rpm with pistons the size of a wine cork.
  5. The old NR500s were in the 20,000 rpm ranges and the NR750 endurance bikes were just shy of that.
  6. Dropped the RSV block and Vmax heads off at PCW for building. Now to finish up ordering parts to fabricate the turbo manifold and intake piping.
  7. Being in a rather populated area with a long riding season I've always been surprised at the lack of motorcycles on the road. The drivers/traffic are notoriously "bad" but even more so I have never set foot in a dealership that I've felt welcomed in. Even just to buy parts or for service. They are all crowded with bikes with giant signs that say don't touch. As a rider it's intimidating to even ask about checking out a bike. I'm always "in the market" if the salesman is good. Or at least they should everyone as an opportunity to make a good impression on a potential future customer. I cant
  8. Got it. Thanks for all the help. The linkage shifted first time with the alignment dowels I jammed it up due to my misunderstanding of orientation. The alignment dowels helped.
  9. To add: With most of the subscription services Pandora/Spotify it allows you to download on WiFi and play later to cut down on network data usage.
  10. Thank you for the replies. I'll be grabbing some long bolts tomorrow after work. I'll have to redo the silicone on the rubber since it's now hardening out of place. I'll let you know how it works out.
  11. Just replaced my starter clutch and I'm having a hard time reinstalling the cover. Seems that magnet is so strong I can't get everything lined up right. Any helpful tips? I've removed and inspected for any fouling and don't see anything. It just seems to get stuck to the magnetic flywheel and will hardly budge.
  12. Looks awesome. If the bike doesn't grow on you you've definitely got some sweat equity come spring time.
  13. +1 for Pandora. I've really enjoyed it over the years. The subscribed service is excellent. A lot of my friends are using Spotify and they have a family membership that allows use on up to 6 devices I believe. It is also good. Basically any song/album/artist you want you can listen to and the algorithms have gotten really good for finding new/different artists.
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