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  1. I never made it. My girlfriend crashed her bike on the way. Broke her nose in 3 spots and broke her thumb.
  2. Well I got the voltmeter installed yesterday. Nice to be able to see your charging state. Very affordable upgrade. Still contemplating removing the Polks and leaving it stock.
  3. I installed 1 1/2" spacers for the handle bar yesterday and wow what a difference. It brings the handle bars closer and allows your arms in a more relaxed position. I didn't even feel any upper shoulder strain after a lot of riding last night. I am 6' 3" and can't imagine being shorter and having to reach that far out on long hauls. This took about 5 minutes to install.
  4. There are rubber vibration dampeners on the handle bars near the mount. Are yours still there?
  5. I have heard good things about Dunlops Elite 3s. I was trying to find one in my stock tire size but was unsuccessful. I have an 04 RSV. Anyone know where to get one, and is it going to be a different size or the same as stock? I guess I don't know much about tires, I want a tubeless tire for both front and back. If someone could post a link of the right one for my bike I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  6. Well got some riding in last night and the clutch performed flawlessly. Even tried hard to get it to slip. Very happy with it. And it still feels like the factory setup.
  7. Thanks everyone, I didn't order a gasket so I used Mega Gray gasket sealer. Going to let it sit for 24hrs before checking oil level. I bought a 1/4" torque wrench and tightened the Barnett Clutch bolts to 70 in/lbs. The old friction plates looked pretty good with the exception of some metal rubbing on the inner most friction disc. The wire removal and installation was a breeze with two picks. Now that I remember, right after my oil change, I drove a 240 lb passenger, I weigh 210, and remeber smelling something like rubber burning, shortly after the clutch started slipping with hard accelerations. Well I hope this clutch is everything they say it is, because I like the way these Ventures pull when you twist the throttle. Thanks for all the tips and suggestions.
  8. So this "Buckeye" makes high output stators capable of 55 Amps? What about the RR? I believe they are fused at 30 amps. Is there an upgraded RR or would a person have to run two of them in parallel and fuse each at 25A? Wire size and type is also a factor. 30A X 12V = 360W vs. 55Amps X 12V = 660W
  9. After recently changing the oil on my 04 Venture. The clutch started slipping under hard acceleration. I probably added about a 1/2 quart too much oil, and thought it wouldn't hurt so I didn't drain it. I started thinking that since you can change the clutch on these bikes without draining the oil, because the oil level moves to the other side of the bike while kickstand is down, then there is probably a fraction of the discs that are actually under oil while running. So maybe by overfilling the reservoir, I caused too much surface area of the clutch to be under oil. Does this make any sense? I ordered a barnett clutch kit and it came in the mail yesterday. I was thinking of draining that 1/2 qt and seeing if the clutch still slipped before changing the clutch, just to clear up that idea. Also since the clutch is slipping will I need to change the oil after the clutch change? The new oil only has about 500 miles on it. Yamalube 10W40 @ $30+ per gallon.
  10. Your welcome, I could have made a better, more detailed step by step video. But I figured I could quickly outline what it takes to get to the boots, in case someone was contemplating doing it themselves. Everything was pretty self explanatory, except I wasn't sure if the carbs would move as one piece or if I'd have to start messing with linkages or cables.
  11. Here was an interesting video I seen after doing the job. Looks like a sound, affordable fix to me. Might save you a few $$$$
  12. Thanks, I recieved two J&M headsets with the Venture, I may have to give them try.
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