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  1. I agree, I've had this one for 13 years now
  2. I have been contacted by Late Yammer Dan's son about selling the Yamaha parts. (mostly First Gen) And if I would know if anyone would be interested. I can put you in contact with him. He did state that he may be willing to sell of the complete bikes. As we all know, Yammer had a large amount of First Gen parts and a complete '99 Second Gen. I was just asked if I knew anyone that may be interested.
  3. WING? Did you trade again?
  4. Counting down the days!
  5. Great pic Dan. I see you hanging with great company!
  6. I got a call today and my cabin is full now. Looks like Joe from WV and Dan from Chicago will be joining me. Let the fun begin!
  7. I still have one bed in the cabin open if someone is interested
  8. I will attempt to extend my trip past Sunday a couple days if possible. It actually starts on Friday the 13th, so I’ll be the the first couple days if nothing else. Beach & motorcycle will still be a great time
  9. HOLY CRAP! They moved it on me It's always been the week after Mother's Day
  10. I’ve been here for what seems like forever and still floating around. So you’ll never know where you may cross my path out riding. I don’t plan on going away anytime soon. But it’s sad when you think about all the members I’ve met and made friends with, but not a clue where they’re at now
  11. Welcome back. Too many of our old group are disappearing it seems like. Hope to see you this year on the road
  12. Anyone planning on going to Myrtle Beach bike week this year? I will be there Monday, May 9 to Sunday, May 15.
  13. I am willing to share the cabin if someone wants to split the cost.
  14. I added my location
  15. That is correct
  16. Hey Joe, long time no hear. Good to see you back on here.  We need to plan another camping trip sometime in the spring.


  17. My reservations are confirmed! I'm in Cabin #8. Cabin on the corner....
  18. WOW JOE! Long time since I've heard from you. We need to get together again ride. I'm even up for a camping trip. I miss the Lake Snowden trips. I am going to Asheville in August with the group. You're always welcome to join us.
  19. I spent the past two weeks volunteering with Samaritan Purse. I was a week in Bowling Green and a week in Mayfield. The most destruction I've ever saw on all the trips I've been on. The stories I heard from homeowners was unreal what they went through. On a good note, they are lots of volunteer and other organizations there to help. There are still lots of good Americans willing to help their neighbors in need.
  20. Skid

    99 Silver

    Gary was an exceptional person. He just called me last month and we talked a while. Prayers for his wife Leslie
  21. I was at the Myrtle Beach Fall Rally last week. Had great time and the weather was great. Lots of people there. Retirement is hard life
  22. August 17th is good for me. I’m pretty open that month
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