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  1. Right there with you @KIC. I have followed that exact path and have found that journey to be downright fun. I actually have pretty much sent off enough pieces/parts free of charge to areas all over the globe that I figure I have a whole bike out there roaming around somewhere, still accumulating miles of smiles.. A huge success too is that I got to help out a brother or sister in the process, paying it forward has some real enriching blessings. It is interesting though, considering actual value, my tired old has been brain went right where @Squidley's brain went. My initial thought was $125
  2. Wow Gary, haven't seen you around for a while!! GOOD to hear from you again. Suggest OEM plugs. And a hotshot cleaning of the carbs.
  3. -- I did my first oil change the other day (the dealer did the very first one). The manual says to put 2 qts. in the crankcase and 3+ in the reservoir if you change the filter. I couldn't get a reading with that amount and put in about one more quart. I checked the reservoir level when the oil was real hot and there was still an inch or more space below the cap so I don't think there's any harm in throwing it out. I have no leaks anywhere. I think in the future I will be using a flat 2 qts. in the crank and 4 qts. in the reservoir. Comes out even and although over the recommended amoun
  4. OK so that bike does not actually fall into the classification of first or second gen as we refer to them, as those connotations apply only to Ventures. The Royal Star line was started in 1996 after Yamaha dropped the Gen I Venture series a few years before. Those Ventures were first gens and came in the flavors of MKI and MKII. in 1999 Yamaha revived the Venture name with the Royal Star Venture, that is the start of the 2nd Gen, it used the same power plant as the Royal Stars but had some improvements in horsepower, bigger carbs, comfort and smoothness. Yamaha stopped making the standard
  5. Been doing pretty fairly well Kicster, hanging in there so to speak. The wife had both eyes cut on for cataracts and had one of those fail and had to have a redo and we are about 2 weeks away from seeing her back on her feet. With summer coming, new E-Bikes to play on, Tweeks ready to roll and grand kids out in California waiting for me to come play with them it looks like we are headed for a premo summer... How bout yourself brother? Hows life?
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