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I'm stuck

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Hi been working on this bike on and off for over a year now, one step forward two steps back. Got a petcock rebuild kit while starting to put it back together. The screws are so tight I can't get them decided to take off the tank cause the bikes tore down still but I can't seem to get it off either. Am I missing something or  I just getting to old to do this anymore frustrated beyond belief would appreciate any help. Thanks on advance 1986  vanture royale

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Hey Daniel,

I'm just going to go down the list, and if I mention something you already knew about, I apologize in advance for that! Here goes!

The angle of the slots on a METRIC Phillips Screw is different than on an American Phillips Screw. So if you're trying to get a metric screw out with that crusty old Craftsman Screwdriver, then that's not gonna' work! 

I'm a BIG Fan of using "Nut Buster" or "Liquid Wrench" on any fasteners I am trying to remove from my bikes.

Lastly, I have attached a pic of a "Must Have" Tool when working on ANY bike, and that is a Impact Driver. The one in the pic is a bit "Fancy" but Harbor Freight sells one for less than $20. that does the job just fine. It's better to start out using the Impact Driver than to destroy the screw head and try to remove it after the fact.

I hope this helps,



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