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May be time to pass this site on....


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Crossing fingers the person who has come forward works out the way you wish. I found this site late, but having met you and so many others from here....I have come to love my friends here! Such good people.. and.... This is the only site I've found where positive human values are evident with all who live here!

It's a pleasure to know you.... and all of the Venture riders!

Prayers Up for your health, Don!

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On 8/13/2023 at 7:45 AM, Freebird said:

Folks, let me be clear.  I have no intention for this site to go away.  I also gave no intention of selling it.  My intention is to turn it over to a current member who shares our passion.  No final decision will be made until after my next doctors appointment but somebody has come forward that might just work out.  I think you will all be pleased. 

Don, I still hold that this is the greatest site on the internet. It's why I keep coming back. Fully understand your decision and like most here, praying for a complete recovery for you! 

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