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Howdee does it go.

Poppa Phill

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Good Morning to all of you. First I want to thank you guys that have sent email or PM,s about my absence. It fortifies the feeling of belonging that is a requirement of any Brotherhood. For that I am Grateful. Extremely!

Winter is close and the back half of the cabin is still not done, the second floor deck is down but the frame and roof remain to be done.

I have save all my hands on deck time for the build to get it this far which takes away my use of hands to type by the end of the day. At that point I cant hold my tools neither can I type.

Needless to say, the prayer group that I run on twitter sideswiped me and called in the Calvary without my knowing it and all hell has broke loose up here in northern Maine. The power of Faith is unmatched when it comes to prayers answered.

A Veteran Group Named FX3.org stands for Familyfishingforever.org Jumped in on my timeline feeds to tell me they were coming to Maine to finish my cabin.

I didnt see this coming. There are a lot of questions I cant answer as of yet while they make continuing changes to whats going on.

4 Vets arrived Last Thursday to re organise things and make a drawing of the cabin. They set up a base camp and I fed them all for 4 days while they took care of business. Tv reporter showed up on Friday morning telling me a story would come out next month.

After he interviewed Sonny Levins and myself , I guess it all changed. while we were at Chow friday evening, everyone's Cell phone lit up at the same time All the calls were the same, we were on television. T-Boned again, didn't see it coming.

Here's the link. Ive now been resting for a couple days while they make plans to build a complete new home , well septic the whole 9.

The cabin will be used as the classroom and teaching shop for a children's program that I run in the background not brought out due to this exposure.

God Bless you all as I have missed you. I am now relieved of duty and ordered to stand down and be still.Having use of my hands again aside from work is a really good feeling !!!

Again God Bless you all and I promise to try and catch up in the next couple weeks.



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Well you are a busy guy Phil! Thank you for giving us a peak to the better side of man.


Last night was one of those nights here as well. Was thinking of giving you a call. I remember you gave me your number but, I don't remember what you did with it?


So instead I shined up my sliver buckle passed the brush over my boots dusted off my blue satin vest match to my best pair of faded blue jeans and cotton shirt! About 15 minutes of backyogi poof like magic I walked out of the house like a 25 year old leaving my cane behind ;)


Well Phil, my prep paid off, not 5 minutes later with the moon reflecting off my buckle I guess, this blond hair angle asked if she could join me on my walk "yes Ms. you may" me being the gentleman I shifted my strut to the curb side and there into the night we went!

True fantasy Phil but a great dream none the less and worth sharing ;)


Cheers to the company hanging with you these days

A couple songs come to mind










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WOWZY WOW WOW WOW!! What an amazing testiment to the fact that God does indeed answer prayers Poppa!! JUST AMAZING!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:


My hat of due respect and love goes out to all those volunteers there who are still standing by their brother in arms.. Also a HUGE thank you to each one of them for the consistant and unappologetic love for our way of life demonstrated by their (and yours) willingness to put it all on the line for our way of life..


My goodness brother,, you done been blessed big time!! YOU DESERVE THIS AND SO MUCH MORE POPPA!!




and THANK YOU for sharing!!



P.S. - as always,, looking forward to your next installment of how God uses to everyday people to do extraordinary things!!

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