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Has something changed?

Iowa Guy

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In response to your question, Yes. Life is an ever changing experience. There have been earthquakes in China, a major cyclone in Myramar, tornadoes in the Midwest.


Some things never change. But we won't discuss the fact that no political party can field a good candidate......... (:no-no-no: Just a joke folks. No need to give yourself a wedgie)


Around here, the biggest change was an upgrade of the site last week.


Not sure how you were doing your search before, but you can still search for posts by an individual. Pull the name from the member list and it will give you the option of searching for all posts made by the individual.


Someone a lot wiser than I may know how to do it easier, and I am sure they will jump in here soon with the correct guidance.

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If You Place Your Cusor On The Name Of A Member And Left Click Once, A Drop Down Window Appears, One Of The Selections Is "view All Posts" From That Member. Left Click That Option And Scroll To The Post You Are Looking For.


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