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U-Joint Cross Reference


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Thanks to Bikenut for this excellent information.


Here is a list of replacement U-joints for the drive shaft on the 1st Gen Ventures. I have been running the B110 datson u-joint on my trike kit and it works great. Here is the list


1966 thru 1973 B110 Datson Car parts store

Trw 20128


Spicer 5-1500X


AEC 1064


Precision 392


Keith Yedica




Before you go this route, please read the next post.

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Freebird, Marcarl and/or to anyone else who can help with this... Couple months ago, before heading out on our emergency call to go see our new grandson,,, I ripped Tweeksis apart to install a new U-Joint.. Not wanting to pay the big $$ to Mom Yam, I ordered off the cross reference found here: https://www.venturerider.org/forum/s...ross-Reference


I could not find a supplier of the TRW 20128 (Datsun?) so I went with the Spicer 5-1500x,, that one came in and had no lock ring grooves but had the top clips = my 1st Gens have to use the lower clips = reordered the Moog (Precision) 392. I knew the 392's were greasable thru the caps but figured I would grease it - pull the zerk and plug the hole if I had to.

Found out that the 392's and the 5-1500x (I see Spicer does make the 5-1500 with lower clips,, looks like I just got the top clipped ones by chance) are lower clip groove ground at 1.496 inches of yoke space (see "G1" on spec sheet found here: https://www.northerndrivetrain.com/p...I-5-1500X.html ).. 1.496 inch = 38mm and our/my 1st Gen yokes require 40mm clip to clip space.. I ended up shimming out to 40mm with washers on top of the cap journals to make the 392 work (took my calipers down to ACE hardware and purchased 4 - 1mm thick x 10mm in diameter stainless flat washers @10 cents each and used them as shims inside of the caps and on top of the journals).. Thankfully the cap diameters on both the 5-1500's and the 392's do spec exactly the same as the OEM! I have replaced many U-Joints thru the years and the "feel" of the finished product was good after pressing in the caps with the vice and have now got a few miles on Tweeks with this make shift u-joint in place.. The 392 was an 8 dollar part shipped to my door and, being a person who LOVES the challenge of making things work that normally would not work - I would do it all again the same way I did BUT = it might not be a bad idea for the clubs sake to have some form of a disclaimer placed in that tech article so if one of these lop eared varmints gets stranded and needs a quick fix,,, they will know what they are up against..


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An alternative to sourcing U-joint components for the XVZ12/XVZ13 (ALL XVZ as well as most Yamaha shaft drive vehicles):


Spider: 2HR-46187-00

Bearing cups: 93399-99926-00

Circlips: 93440-20088-00


This entire assembly is available from several non-Yamaha sources.

Usually listed for ATVs. Do a search for 2HR-46187-00. Kimpex part number158267. Sells for $20 or less.


For instance:







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