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Bolt size for Ignition switch

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Anyone know the size of the bolts that replace the ones holding the ignition switch in place?


%%%EDIT [15/Sep/2013 18:12]%%%

M8-1.25 x 25 worked for me.

%%%End Edit [15/Sep/2013 18:12]%%%


%%%EDIT [29/Aug/2013 11:19]%%%

Thanks for the call [you know who you are, I will keep this anonymous unless you request otherwise]!

The riser bolts are reported to work


%%%End edit [29/Aug/2013 11:19]%%%


I have searched and searched and I guess I did not hit the magic combination of terms to find it...:bang head:


I am about ready to do mine and I would like to be able to NOT have to run to the store half way through the job.


I know the stock ones are the 'tamper proof' but I do not really care about that since if someone knew enough to slide the tank back to unscrew those bolts they would be smart enough to know which wires to cross to drive off with it...


Thanks and cheers.

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Were you able to get the new switch re-keyed to match the bike? Remember , Deckelmans locksmiths on 19th can do that for you.



Oh, no -- I have not bothered getting that done yet. I am actually not sure whether I want to have the switch redone or the locks and gas cap (all 4 of my current keys are all pretty worn) or just call it good with two keys.


Thanks for the reminder though; I have been to Deckelmans for a few things and have always been pleased. :thumbsup2:

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I've been racking my brain for the size I used last year. I believe they were M6 (6 mm) screws and about 3 cm long (around an inch and a half.) I bought them at our local Canadian Tire store, but any hardware store carrying metric machine screws and bolts should have them. They are a fairly common size. By the way, I repaired my ignition switch rather than replacing it and it has worked fine ever since. Also, if you want to make your screws look like the "tamper proof" type, you can fill the recess with J.B. Weld for metal then paint them in flat black paint. To a casual observer, they will look like the tamper proof type.



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