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rear wheel spacer or collar?

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I recently changed my rear tire and when i took it into the shop to have it mounted they took out the two spacers inside the hub. They wernt sure which way the long spacer went back into the hub.( this is the one that slides into the roller bering). It has a milled or reduce end on one end about 1/2. Anyway after lots of debating ( the service manual doesnt show) on which way this goes back in to the hub i decide to put the milled down part frist into the hub.. Was that right cause not i have a lot of grease on the rim of my wheel, which may have been from me being too liberal one the grease when reinstalling. thanks . jack in los osos ca

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.....After about 200 miles i relaxed a bit figuring it must be right........................


That's funny you mention that.


Every time I do maintenance on my Venture (where it requires I take something apart and put it back together again), I go through this mental checklist when I first get on it and ride for the first time after working on it.



"Did I tighten those bolts?" :think: YES/Check

"Did I put that clip back in?" :think: YES/Check




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