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How do you bleed the clutch line on a 96 royal star

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some have trouble getting the clutch bled right. you can go to the auto parts store and buy the bleeder kit that has a hand pump, bottle and hoses to bleed the clutch and brake a lot easier. you hook the pump on the bleeder and open it, then you start pumping, as the level in the resovior goes down you add new fluid till you get new fluid at the bleeder. if you hand bleed it, you may have to let it set overnight so the air works out. good luck on doing it. :thumbsup:

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Just kind of wondering since i can't find a bleed spot or maybe i'm just missing it. Little help for a newbie:thumbsup:


I also need to know the location to bleed the clutch due to drag (it was fine a week ago but has been standing).


I have looked at the engine and can see a lot of things but i am very unsure as to the location..any chance of a photo ? as i do not have the service manual...Yet.



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There are lots of posts on clutch bleeding so I will leave you to do a little research, I have posted 2 pics even though the explanation is pretty clear and there is really only one rubber cover behind the rear cylinder. If you follow the lines down from the the master cylinder under the bike they attach to the slave cylinder and the bleeder is on top of that. To make the job easier remove the fins from the rear cylinder, it allows the rubber cover to come right off and gives the access to attach tubing. The pic shows the rubber cover lifted but held by the fins. Didn't know you Brits had such good taste in bikes! :TEAL:

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When I bleed Brakes or clutches, I always suck out all that is in the masters cyl first and replace with new fluid. Then I hook up my home made bleeder that works great for me.


This home made bleeder is a clear plastic jar with a led on it. I drilled a hole in the top of the led for a hose to go thru tight and is the right size to fit the bleeders on the bike. You push the hose thru the led and to the bottom of the jar. Before closing the led put about 1/2 " brake fluid in the jar so the hose is under the fluid all the time.


Now hook the hose to the bleeder on the bike, Open the bleeder up and leave it open and then all you have to do is pump the lever on the handle bars or foot lever slowly and keep adding new fluid in the master until clear brake fluid comes out in the jar. Once you see clear brake fluid coming in the jar with no air bubbles coming out , you close the bleeder and you are done.

With this home made bleeder air can not be suck into the bleeder when you are pumping the lever because the hose is in the fluid in the jar.

Give it a try it makes life very easy when you are alone workng on a bike by yourself.

Hope this helped a little

Keep the rubber side down


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