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Old 12-27-2009, 09:12 AM
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Default Passing Lamp Installation

A big THANK YOU to raceman62race for providing this PDF document for the Yamaha Passing Lamp installation. These are the original instructions from Yamaha that many say do not always come with the lamps.

Most folks here would recommend that you supplement these instructions by adding a relay. Adding a relay will prevent the extra load of the lights from passing through your ignition switch and also isolates the passing lamps from your normal light circuit which would prevent your losing your headlight in the event of a short circuit within the passing lamps.

Here is a simple diagram on wiring a relay for the lamps.

The actual Yamaha instructions are attached here as a pdf file.
Passing Lamp Installation Document


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Old 10-20-2010, 12:43 PM
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Default Lights

Found these two definitions online.

Driving Lights
Driving lights are used to supplement the high beams for greater distance and width; they should be used only in conjunction with the high beams. Aim the centers of the beams at the same level as your high beam tape marks on the wall. Keep in mind that the height requirements vary from state to state, as seen in the chart. In some states it is required that auxiliary lights respond automatically to the fluctuations of the high and low beams. In such cases, alterations to the wiring will be necessary.
As for the horizontal setting of the lights, this is a matter of personal preference. You might prefer lighting the sides of the road at a distance rather than concentrating the majority of light down the middle of the road.
Passing Lights
Passing lights are used to supplement the low beams to provide a more complete and uniform pattern. Aim the centers of the beams at the same level as your low-beam tape marks, or even slightly lower. Again, keep in mind that height requirements vary from state to state. Consult the enclosed chart and your local regulations.
The horizontal setting of the lights is a matter of personal preference. A slight overlap of the beams in the center will give evenly distributed light all the way across the road, as well as very good width. A greater overlap of the beams, on the other hand, will increase the center light and reduce the overall width of the lights.

Original website
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