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Thread: Cam Chain Sound?

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    Default Cam Chain Sound?

    Is it normal to hear ,what sounds like a chain sound, when i compress the clutch lever at a stop. Maybe that sound is there everytime i pull the lever but i only notice it when i am stopped. Is there an adjustment for the cam chain or whatever chain is inside the engine. Just want to make sure that it wont be an issue before my cross country trip. Al

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    There are actually 2 cam chains, 1 in each forward and rear bank. each 1 chain operates both the intake and exhaust cams in that bank.

    Not sure what you are hearing, mabe mechanics stethiscope would help pinpiont location, but I doubt I could pick out cam chain noise.

    There are mechanical adjusters for the cam chains. They can be removed and reset, then reinstalled and then automatically set proper cam chain tension.

    If in fact you are hearing the chain, I would not expect it to be normal, and would require further invesigation. I did have a 75 honda cb350, where the chain wore thru the chain guide and actually cut thru engine casing. Our ventures have simular guides. I think I would drain oil looking for both metal and plastic/rubber bits(parts of guides), and if anything in oil, then pull valve covers looking for sharp ebdges on chains.
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    I am voting for the clutch bearing being noisy if it only does it when you pull clutch lever.

    My valve train is noisy at a cold start up until it gets warmed up then it sounds 'normal'.

    There should be no mechanical link between pulling clutch & hearing cam chain/lifter noise.

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