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Continuous Big Cruncking Noise after Engine Start

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Dear all,
I used the wrong battery instaed of Yuasa half years ago. In the period the small eletricity happened and I got many times of very big single cruncking sound when I pushed the start button. After I replaced into the right Yuasa battery, the big cruncking noise when starting my bike disappeared and my bike ran smoothly everytime I rode it.

Few days ago, the day when I firstly started the engine, a contious big cruncking noise happened. I attached the video for your reference.   And I have checked the follows:

(A) Copper paticles like inside engine oil?...Unloaded all the engine oil and Checked. Nothing found. 

(B) All 4 engine cyliders ingnitted? .....Checked. 4 engine cylinders heats up normally soon after it started.

(C) Engine oil pressure? .....Checked. I reload the engine oil and observed the normal oil pressure and smooth engine oil cycling.

(D) Any sound change when pulling the clutch handler?......Checked. Nothing changes.

(E) Engine easily stars or not...Checked. Easily to start the engine.

Then I used a stethoscope to hear.

I found:  it seems the continuous big cruncking noise comes from the starter clutch side or upper side of the No.3 cylinder or the No.1 cylinder....  

I guess..possibly
1. Starter motor or its sigle way clutch failed
2.  Engine timing chain loosen

If any suggestion could be available,it would be so appreciated !!




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