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I am sure this has been answered,

 I was wondering has anyone used a road star sissy bar mount on their royal star? 
I know there would be holes to drill. 
there is a guy who sells racks that mount right in the arms. 
I see most people add the venture rack, 
amd I know there is drilling involved in that as well. 
i just don’t like being committed to venture rack and don’t need speakers ect. 
How about Harley Docking ? 

Any thoughts or installs.



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I'm guessing that maybe Nobody has, but it's been a while since he's been on the forum, so might not answer,,,,, again.

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Most RSTDs I've seen have a short passenger backrest on them. Is that not the case with yours? Are you looking to have a taller sissy bar, or just something for passenger support?

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