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Two Star helmets w/ bluetooth comm & two Women's jacket

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I have the following which came with the purchase of my bike last year.  The woman's Yamaha star jacket was never worn (according to PO & my wife has never worn it):

  • Medium Star helmet, a few minor scratches that can barely feel w/ fingernail
  • Small Star helmet, minor scratches and a couple of deeper nicks in the paint
  • Women's medium Yamaha Star Jacket
  • Women's size 4 Europa lightweight jacket

The medium helmet scratches should clean up fine w/ some polishing compound,  The small helmet could use a little touch up paint/clear on the nicks and then a polish. 

I would prefer to sell this as a lot for $300, including shipping within USA.  If no takers and you're interested in some of it, we can talk.  Can get more pictures, if needed, just let me know what you want to see.









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