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One tough and confused Game Warden


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My buddy from TN was on a duck hunt in AZ.

He left the blind with the two ducks he harvested and headed back to his pickup.

Upon arrival it was painfully apparent the large-girthed game warden had been waiting for him no doubt because of the out of state license plate.


The warden's demeanor changed to frustration after a valid, out of state hunting license was produced.


Seeing his chance to bust an out of stater slipping away, the warden attention shifted to the water foul.

He hastily grabbed the first duck, put his finger up the duck's but, pulled it out and sniffed it intently.

"We have an issue here sir" exclaimed the warden as a crooked half-smile emerged. This is an Montana duck, and if you don't have a Montana duck stamp, it could be trouble for you Mr. Volunteer state.


Here you go said my friend as he handed over his Montana stamp.


The game warden's face got red and the determination in his eyes grew as he started to examine the last duck.

In with the finger and sniff sniff. Back in with the finger and sniff as a crooked little smile developed on his crooked little mouth.


"This here is one of those rare Perto Rican ducks". Now I know you don't have....... My friend interrupted the warden to produce his absolutely valid territory of the US duck stamp.


The warden dropped the duck, and in his most passively aggressive grumble of a voice and said...

"Boy, just where in the hell are you from anyway"?


My buddy quickly dropped his pants, turned away from the game warden, bent over grabbing his ankles and said..... HERE, YOU TELL ME!!

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Good joke.... I've only had one run in with a game warden... I was fishing for Steel Head on the upper Sacramento River with a buddy after work one late afternoon, and wasn't wearing the waders etc. and bare foot. And we had to climb down a bluff to get to the river. Anyway this game warden stood at the top of the bluff and asked to see our fishing licenses. My friend held up his and I had left mine in the car cause I didn't want the wallet to get wet. The guy insisted I show him the license. So I had to climb bare foot back up the bluff and get it out of the car. He asked to see it and I told him I'll show it to him down by the river, and if he needs to check it climb down the bluff, and headed back down... He just walked away... Lazy bass turd... :fishin:

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one day during deer season I heard a man and a woman arguing about 100 yds up the trail as i approached the clearing I saw a lady with a 12 guage and a bright orange vest arguing with a game warden. Finally in exasperation the game warden yells OKAY LADY ITS YOUR DEER JUST LET ME GET MY SADDLE BACK!

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