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Hi I've been absent for a while.

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Hi everyone been off line for quite a while so to bring things up to speed. The mother in law passed away 4 weeks ago and my wife is not well and I'm not doing so well myself. So to make a long story short I'm selling my bikes, the 86 Venture and 83 XJ750K I'll be posting an add. We are going to sell the house and move to something more manageable. Loos like we'll be moving from Ontario to New Brunswick to be closer to our son and his family. I'm hoping that if I don't get the bikes sold one of the Ontario members will be good enough to sell them for me as there no way I will be taking them with me. So if anyone knows some who is looking for a cheap bike I have two for sale.



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I sure hope things go well for you and your wife in the moving process. Sometimes we yearn to have everything done right now because the work will be all behind us.


I just ask for you not to feel overwhelmed in this change in your life. Take your time and reflect on the good times you have enjoyed. Look forward to the future that you have mentioned to get something more manageable and keep moving forward.


Feel good about the future Richard.


Here is hoping for all good things.:bighug:

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Back at cha Huggy,, its GREAT to see you posting again!! Was down for a while with some medical stuff myself so I can kind of relate - not fun thats for sure. I am deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your Wifes Mother - please be assured and let your wife know that you folks will be in my thoughts and prayers, losing a loved one is never an easy matter - Godspeed and RIP Huggies Mother In Law, you are loved and missed.

Also know that you folks will be in my thoughts and prayers during the moving process and in attempting to sell the bike - praying that the Lord will lead a buyer your way.

Remember that you dont even have to own a motorcycle to be part of this bunch.. Try to stay in touch as things change, networking always seems to help..


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Hello Richard, although we have never met I feel for you and hope things get better soon. I live just outside Ancaster and have room for your bikes if you have to move before selling them. Could keep them here while trying to sell them. If you need som help with this matter

Shoot me a pm sometime and I'll give you my number and we can meet up if you have some time if need be

Regards, Paul

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