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Arizona US 93 Kingman to Wickenburg

Slab Pig

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Not a favorite, just a road report.


Ride: July 2009, Friday, Late PM to Early AM

Gas Available: Wikieup. Bagdad is 20 miles off the track, but there's an attendantless station there if you really blow it.

Direction: South

Avg Speed: 70

Flora: Low desert

Fauna Encounters: 0

Subjective Temp: Balmy. [i live in Phoenix, AZ]

Road Condition: I won't comment on I-40 except that it seemed to be fine between Kingman and the US 93 junction.

After turning onto US 93, the first quarter of the way is very good, the second quarter good, third quarter very good and last quarter good. First quarter is straight with intermittent sweepers. Middle two quarters are packed with well marked sweepers. Last quarter is straight. Center reflectors go for the distance. Raised reflectors on both sides of the road in the corners. Reflector gaps are rare. Reflector condition is easily seen to very bright.

Passing lanes on the longer uphill pulls for the patient. Passing stripes abound between the sweepers for those who are not and who have the muscle.

Smokeys Seen: 1, in Wikieup. Sherrif, lights on, busted a cager in the reduced speed zone (The bustee was someone who was tailing me by 100 yards or so; shining his lights in my mirrors for 10 miles, so I slowed down going up a hill to allow him to pass. Hee hee hee.)

Cars Passing Same Direction: few

Cars Passed Same Direction: about a dozen with half being semi's

Cars Passed Opposite Direction: low drip with intermittent low trickles


I was planning on an overnight in Overton, but the town was such a rat hole (present residents excepted, of course), that I decided to have a couple of beers, get a couple of hours sleep and bust out.


What turned out was a very nice, cool (for me), ride on an awesome night road to get some much needed night riding experience.

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Just drove back to Las Vegas on this route, its a great drive, road is horrible (in a truck), its like AZ started on a fantastic road and then forgot about it, the right lane is truck damaged. I'm going to ride it again before its gets turned into highway 11 ... on a bike this time :) 

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