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  1. Just drove back to Las Vegas on this route, its a great drive, road is horrible (in a truck), its like AZ started on a fantastic road and then forgot about it, the right lane is truck damaged. I'm going to ride it again before its gets turned into highway 11 ... on a bike this time
  2. Hey all. I just got me a new 22k 2008 Yamaha RSV. Bike is immaculate and runs beautifully, previous owner rode it for 10 years without issue. He changed oil and filters regularly. two things. The bike pops and burbles under engine breaking, don't know if its just the bubs mufflers or a tuning issue. my other previous RSV, 03 and 08 did not, but had quieter pipes. I don't see any fule leaks or anything odd, was just wondering if its normal. 2nd, had someone message me about hydro locking and what to watch out for. Bike has always lived in the south west, Arizona, now nevada. Is this something I should be concerned about? I switch the petcock off after every ride. Does fuel mix matter, can only get ethanol mixed 81 or 91, or 100 non ethanol race gas.
  3. Thanks guys, got 2 other bikes in the garage with EFI and those need 91+. I think I'll just stick to 87 then.
  4. well, blow me down, got another 2008 RSV, and am still insearch of a front light bar. TY
  5. Just can't kick this habit. Bought an 03 Midnight RSV in 2011, had it for a year, sold it to help pay for my sons wedding. Then in 2021 I bought a 2008 RSV had it only for 6 months, loved that bike, but had to move from Kansas to Nevada, so bike helped pay for the move. Now I have found another 2008, beautiful bike, 22k Miles, just got it from Arizona Saturday. Its going to be a beautiful 2022. BTW, the only ethanol free gas I can find here is 100 octane race gas. I used to run 91 premium. What's best for bikes in the desert?
  6. TY, that ebay bar won't work, the venture needs that U style bar. I had a look at these, may get a set for my sons C50
  7. No replies? Anyone know where to find running lights for 2008 Venture. TY
  8. I have just picked up an 08 Yamaha Venture. This is my 2nd Venture. This bike came with the stock turn signal bar and has running lights mounted onto the forks lower down. I have searched high and low for the V style bar for a more traditional look. I just need the bar. Any suggestions. TY. Hope this is the correct forum. Alan in Wichita.
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