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Different Exhaust

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I put the drilled ultra classic mufflers on my bike last night and was a little bit disappointed. They are a little deaper but still too quiet. I'm used to the Cobras on my Shadow. I don't think my wife will let me spend $400 on a set of Samsons or Bubs but what about Rolling hunder mufflers? They are only $200 shipped. Anyone have these on their 2nd gen? I heard a sound clip but its hard to tell much from it.



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Someone on the Venturers.org website uses them and swears by them for the price.

Personally, I have tried the following:


Drilled OEM pipes

Stock Road Kings

Modified Road Kings

Hooker Tuned Pipes

Barons Bagslash Nasty Boy's

Harley Screamin' Eagles


I chose to keep the last ones!

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If those ultra muffs are new take offs give em a chance to burn in. Mine got louder over time. I was underwhelmed by mine at first also. After about 1000mi I think they're just about right. Especially for under $100 total. You can drill em out more too or take a hole saw to the aft end.-Jack

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