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Thread: Whining noise..

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    Default Re: Whining noise..

    My '09 whines really bad, but I have finally gotten used to it.

    I live in AR.

    Did a 400+ mile run this week touring some of the local parks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwhite123174 View Post
    Not gonna ask about it. I have spent MANY hours researching about it to no avail.
    My question is... Who has the best oil, weight and brand, to help quiet some of it? Mine has become quite loud and I used Amsoil. I have tried Castrol, Rotella T6 and nothing seems to help. We just got back from a 3000 mile trip and although the bike performed flawlessly pulling a 450 pound trailer in the hills of Arkansas, I was disappointed in how loud the whining & chirping is. This go round I used Amsoil as I had in the past. Yamalube will probably be my next go round. I don't expect it to go away. It's the nature of MY beast but I wouldn't mind it being more quiet. Even the wife said she heard it this time. I know I have read that it could even be the windshield I use but it's the same one I have always had. Maybe it's just the Temps we had in Arkansas.... 92+. Just looking for ideas and suggestions. I have even heard about some Motorkote additive that some say help. Thanks

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    For what it's worth... I was running Yamalube 20/50 last year...had The Whine. At one of my oil changes, I tried the Yammy 10/30 mainly 'cause I didn't watch which jug of oil I snagged off the shelf. The Whine was slightly worse. Changed back to the 20/50.
    A few weeks ago, I tried Rotella T6 Synthetic, as I had read on several different posts that it was an acceptable oil. The Whine was noticeably worse, and after speaking to a close friend who knows about these things, he explained a possible reason. The Whine, as we all know, is mainly due to the straight cut gears on the clutch basket and their neighbor. As Synthetic Oil is , by nature, a thinner medium, the meshing gears are closer together and therefore possibly louder. The old dino Yamalube 20/50 is a heavier oil and offers a bit more of a cushion for the gears. This is where all the scientists get to chime in with THEIR opinions.

    Another Whining forum suggested that, as the clutch basket is basically sitting dry when the bike is on the side stand, having the bike upright when parked for any length of time would help. Taking that idea to heart I started putting my scissor jack under the bike when I'm done for the day. It seems to make a slight difference the next ride, but as everyone doesn't disappear. You just develop a different tolerance zone.

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