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  1. Got to work tonight on those pesky bolts. Cut the heads off and pulled the stater. Took the heat gun to them for a good long time before they loosened up enough to turn out. Simple job gone sideways. Then spent an hour with the heat gun working the gasket off. I have not had to do that in 30 years. Nothing like a 30 year old gasket.
  2. The more I think about it, cutting off the head and pulling the old stater off is the way to go. I can see the problem is the threads are well below the screw head so heating from above is probably doing very little to heat the area of the case where the bolt is threaded into. Probably a big air gap. Those screws are like 2 inches. Ever other one came out tight but they did get better as they came out. Not this one. I think getting a couple of nuts on the remaining threads will give me something to turn once I get it warmed up. I will keep you all updated. By the way I do think b
  3. Latest issue: All the dam screws came out with the impact driver and heat gun. Not sure if the heat gun is helping. I know there was discussion regarding how hot you need to get the parts to get locktight to melt. Will a heat gun do it or do I need to break out the oxy acetylene torch. I attached some photos. The one shows the last screw all boogered up. It is actually out about three turns. I tried heating it on the back side (see second photo) but I am now worried about twisting it off. Maybe that would not be so bad since then I could removed the old stater and get heat right on th
  4. I am planning to make my own gasket for my middle gear cover and looked at ways of making a pattern. It occurred to me that if someone had a gasket set and scanned them we could have patterns available on line ready to print off. If you could feed gasket paper into your printer that would be even better. At a minimum having a pattern would make cutting your new one that much easier. And lets face it these gaskets are not going to be available forever. Better to have a digital copy of all of them for future use.
  5. I was thinking about how to goop them up. I like the plan and the recommendation of black RTV. I pulled the middle gear cover off tonight and it is rather messy behind it or under it. It could be from the lower drain bolt or the wires coming out of the Stater cover. The area is enclosed so oil could make a big mess in there regardless of where it is coming from. There is the gear position sensor in there and it looks to be covered with oil and grim along with everything else under there. I also started polishing up the covers. I assume there is a clear coat of paint on them that nee
  6. Well as far as putting the shift linkage back together I assume you are talking about the shift shaft down at the bottom left. Once the case cover is off it is just flopping around and it is not really apparent how it is supposed to sit. I am hoping with the middle gear cover off it will be more obvious how that part goes back together. As far as the little gears go. Again that is a guess since there is little in the shop manual that I can see. I looked at the gears and the shafts and the shafts can only go in their respective holes as well as the gears. The one looks like it can go one
  7. Really, three weeks for delivery of a gasket and a washer. Give me a break. Cheap Cycle Parts should change the name to slow cycle parts. Anyone know of a better place to order parts. I will go to my local shop or make my own before willing waiting for delivery between 12/1 and 12/9. That is just ridiculous. And on top of that the shipping was more than the cost of the parts.
  8. I dug into my stater replacement tonight and learned a few things. The link to the old tech post http://www.venturers.org/Tech_Library/index.php?action=article&cat_id=001007&id=415 was helpful but need a few notes attached. First off the wires are now so hard that casing just cracked and were really difficult to get out from behind the middle gear cover. It is also a mess back there so I am now waiting for a gasket since I think the cover needs to come off just to get the two lead routed properly and the area cleaned and inspected. My oil leak could be coming from someplace back th
  9. Thanks so much Cowpuc. Yes there appears to be many places for a leak. I think I posted some photos on anther thread. I am starting with the middle gear cover lower bolt copper washer thanks to anther posters comments. I heated it up and quenched it hoping to soften it and get it to seal as it should. I spray down the area and see if that was it before moving on. The location of the mess suggest something in that area. I was hoping there were not 1/2 dozen possibilities but we don't really have a choice. Here is what I was really interested in asking. While looking for a video on
  10. I did ended up ordering both the stator and the regulator. I put the stator in first since it looks like less work than getting to the regulator. I can probable test run the new regulator with out actually installing where it belongs. Might be hanging off the bike or on the back seat but it should make for some interesting data. I have tired cleanup the contacts from the stator to the regulator and I tested the regulator. I can't say I remember testing the ground wire or even if there is one to be honest. I will have to look into that. i suppose before I put on the stator I should try
  11. well talk about learning something new every day. I did not notice a leak but after looking at the manual and seeing no other place back there where a seal could be leaking I went back out to the garage and mess is really under that bolt and not so much the rear end of the "Middle Gear" where it exits the back of the motor. Could it really be this simple. I try the anneal process. Sounds simple enough and worth a try. At least if I clean up the area I can then watch for evidence of the new leak
  12. Developed an oil leak that I am not sure where it is coming from. This is an 88 with 90k on it and this leak just showed up this summer. See photos. I started taking things off and got to the "Middle Gear Bearing Cover" and took the bolts out. The cover is till glued to the block but as I took out the lower bolts a small stream of motor oil began running out. So far only about 3 oz have drained. Clearly this is a gasketed surface so where did this oil come from. None of the bolts had oil on them. I just looked at the photos again and it looks clear that the oil came running out the low
  13. Hay Cowpuc got a question. I know I will be in the area of a suspect oil leak while doing this repair. I keep finding a fair amount of oil on my lower left saddle bag and I am actually getting a very slow drip as evidence by the small puddle on the garage floor. Curious where it is likely coming from. I think the drive shaft comes out right there and the shift shaft. Any other likely sources? And the big question how easy is it to replace either of these seals.
  14. After getting home from a cold ride this evening and not being able to run my heated jacket and hand grips while the wife was nice and toasty on her ride I broke down and ordered the HO Ricks stator off of Ricks Electronics site and a Shindengen FH020AA Mosfet R/R from Roadstercycle. I will post a follow up once I get the parts and install them.
  15. Anyone know if you need the adapter plate that Jack sells with the Mosfet Rgulator for the early model Ventures
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