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  1. Guys 'n Gals...having fun with this piece...:
  2. ....had a great ride...beautiful early morning start. 53-55 F....needed some heated seat and grip lovin'...some low lying fog, near Grimsby, but that soon cleared out to a star filled nights-cape. Had some breakfast in Kingston, then headed for what I thought was going to be a non-eventful crossing. Wrong...they are repaving/rebuilding lane-ways...and quite frankly, in late May, on a Tuesday, didn't think there EVER was going to be enough traffic volume to worry much about anything. Wrong again! So....enjoyed the Thousand Island Parkway....very much enjoyed my riding time to Gan..and ho
  3. Thanks, Chief! Just about to turn off the computer and head out the door. I sure could use that gorgeous Java Cup, you just installed. Yeah..yeah...gonna have to look into that as well... Enjoy the next few days, yourself. Over 'n out...Vermont awaits...before the kiddies and campers spoil it....(LOL!) Joe
  4. "Now Donkey...keep those hoofs off of the paint...c'mon...sit still, for goodness's sakes!" Shreck
  5. Respectively read, and noted. Puc, you have (and other's) every and all rights to how the 2018 release impacted you. Pretty much the same feelings for myself and my wife regarding our waiting for the 'new Wing' reveal'. All of us, our own personal sense or manufacturer 'betrayal Have a great next few days... Yeah...I easily get it...whether on a dedicated Wing forum...or on a dedicated Yamaha Venture franchise forum. Easily understood....
  6. Talking about 2018 Yamaha Star Ventures..... Off for some Hills and mountains of Vermont...in about 15 minutes! Well...a stop first at a Timmies...THAT is tradition! I'll let those fabulous running lights, carve out the road ahead...Highway 401, to Gananoque, then over through New York...and then over to 'them thar hills of Maple Syrup Country! Take care...and have your own fun, these next few days! Your post has me in a singing mood; "I'm gonna preach it in the mountains, I'm gonna preach it to the plains, I'm gonna preach it to the starry sky, I'm gonna witness for the Saints!" L
  7. Yeppers, while I have used the first setting of hose wand car washes on the ZR7S, and the 2008 GoldWing...for this bike..stuffed with all these electronic this and that modules...nope. Will only use the municipal water pressure from the garden hose. Off for a four day adventure...and signing off...heading for the hills and mountains of Vermont, through Gananoque. Suppose to be wicked beautiful weather around the Great Lakes area and all of Ontario and neighboring States, over the next four days...gobs of sunshine, mostly zero chance of rain! Finally! Y'all have a safe fun-filled next fo
  8. It's 12:45 AM, have finished packing Charlotte the SVTC, under a gorgeous star-filled night sky, and we are on our way to a quick coffee 'n cream cheese bagel for myself, and a full tank of Shell Premium Nitro Plus for her. Headed for Eastern Ontario and possible crossing over into Vermont, via through New York, at Gananoque, Ontario. By the time we get back, we will be well over the 600 mile oil change, that that's ok...if I get the change at a few hundred over...ce' levie! Let's see...packed my personal kit...razor, travelling shave cream, tooth brush, cologne, toothpaste, floss sun ta
  9. OK, there's one thing I don't get in all this, American...and that is...if you used the value, and the agreed upon value as part payment for the SVTC, and then the dealer does NOT pay off the loan...then (am I wrong?!?) technically, YOU still own , or are responsible for that bike...and the dealer in essence did NOT 'accept' the bike as part payment. Would you not be able right now, to demand that bike back...pay out the difference as cash, or another line of credit on your SVTC...and then when you have the HD back in your control...sell it...for whatever you can get...and then pay back the '
  10. Don't dribble...you KNOW that coffee stains clash with the color, red! Seriously...looks great. Enjoy!
  11. BluSky..this isn't just...an opinion...he is showing you...that by merely sitting a 160 pound rider on the bike...showing you...the shocks collapse..and sit bottomed out...this is not merely...an opinion. This is eye-witness metrics! Now add my 270 pounds, my wife's 135 pounds, full gear, even in those reduced side and top trunk....oh lord, we'd be riding like a Sherman Tank. I have my SVTC at 4.5 or about half of its travel..and the bike doesn't even settle upon the suspension. No one should have to ride their bike to a 3rd party to GET a suspension that has travel for the intended pur
  12. This video reveal alone, would have been one reason that I passed on this 'Wing' version. There were more reasons...but this alone, would have been fatal in the decision to purchase ramp up.... Your bike gets delivered to the Honda dealer in the crate...they open the crate...new bike...new suspension parts...and you can now ride that bike down to this chap, and for an extra $2,800.00, over your out-the-dealer-door, you can have a suspension that actually suspends... wow...that is soooo cool...(fail). Joe
  13. We would have, in a heartbeat. We simply did not want anything to do with the 2018 Wing. As for V-Twins...being that I never had one...if the SVTC would have been a liquid cooled V-4 Max...I know that I would be raving on about that bike...and I know it. When something pleases me...I publish the fact! I just through circumstance, now know...that I LOVE everything about the ride, feel-in-travel, sound envelope, of a V-Twin..so now that I am aware of that...I most likely will stay with a V-Twin until I can't ride due to infirmity, or gross illness. But again, would I have gone with a V-4 M
  14. "now if it were an SVCT V4...... then I'd be all over it." LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL------------------------------------------>LOLOLOLOLOL! That post, made my day...what a hoot! Touche! Touche! Thanks for where to look...and I'll try to fit some stuff in, in the future. I might be having to be moving down to Denver, Colorado within the next many months...due to my advancement of career. My wife is not too happy about that...at all...but she is a team player, and knows this decision would have been (with her), much 'chew the cud' over. The one good thing...is that I would be much close
  15. Hey..that $600.00, I had to earn! LOLOLOL. It was dumb on my part...I should have just tarped it. Live and learn!
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