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  1. I bought a Corbin after all of the same things you went through. Yes, it is firm, but it is slowly conforming to my pressure points. At 5'-8" and with hip problems, I just couldn't ride with the other seats.
  2. I have bought 2 of them. Fairly generic. The middle hole for the windshield is off center...finish is ehhh. It will need a good finish sanding and a paint job for sure. I put one on a 2005 RSTD and then one on a 96 RSTC. I had to make my own brackets, and buy a set of Tour Deluxe risers for the 96. It came out looking much better than the 2005. The Tour Deluxe model comes with brackets and slips right on.
  3. I used a Matuza HD Tour pack with lights, and a Venture trunk rack. Added rubber stoppers under the trunk to take up the space between it and the rack. Ordered a Die-cut YAMAHA sticker to put where that other name usually goes. And a wiring harness from Steve (http://www.venturerider.org/forum/members/m61a1mech) to power it up.
  4. It was the o-ring on the float seat. Swapped that out with a spare, checked all the float heights, popped em back in, and she fired right up. Thanks guys!
  5. Scott, half the price is exactly how much?
  6. I have recently picked up a neglected 2005 RSTD. The carbs were leaking, so I took them off, cleaned up the seals, and looked for obvious signs of deterioration. Finding none, I replaced the float bowl gaskets and put back on bike. Started right up, then slowly died, and fuel began running out of the upper overflow tube. I removed them again, and went through the float valves, cleaning and checking them for leaks. Satisfied, I replaced the carbs, hooked up all wires, hoses, etc. and she started right up again. Only now I have gas coming out all over one carb (front right) even up to the upper boot. Before I order every damn part in the carbs, is there something ( a diaphragm or something) I am missing? P.S. I have owned and worked on 2nd Gen Royal Stars for 10 years, and on motorcycles for at least 25 years. While I cannot claim to be a mechanic, I do enjoy bringing dead and abused bikes back to life. If there is an easy fix, I would prefer that to separating the carbs!
  7. What I want is some white brake pads for the rear caliper! C'mon, anyone?
  8. I run the Dunlop D404's front and rear. Good tires, not the greatest life span.
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