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  1. Putting this out there, Not sure how this virus stuff is going to play out, We missed getting to have a get together last summer. It will be here at our place and will put a ride or two together and have a cookout and a bonfire for one of the evenings. Want to see if there is any interest for June or July. We have plenty room if you want to camp and there are motels in Viroqua. Orlin
  2. Thanks Squidley, hopefully I’ll finally be getting around to using it next week to change some tires.
  3. Let's see if you can find the rest believable. There was a time a few years ago when this all took place, it almost landed me in the clinker, well at least that was the opinion of my valued companion, who by the way goes by the name of Marca. It was grand day, and I was on the way to meet with some friends with my bride at my side, it was cool but that didn't seem to bother either of us, seeing as the heater seemed to be working just fine, well we were in a cage wouldn't you know! We had to wait in line at the border and as usual, and without Wizard765 to take the blame, I\We
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