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  1. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Its a strange year and there are a lot of us out there that are going to miss the company of family, We are still going to make the best of as we can. We can only hope that this will be gone next year and we can all be together and it be that much more special. Orlin and Sharon
  2. Saturday my wife and I packed up the RSV and loaded the trailer with fishing gear, then headed South from the Orlando area via US 441. Weather was rainy until we got about halfway around Lake Okeechobee. Once we got on US 27 the sun came out for the rest of our ride to Key Largo. The next day we just hung out and fished behind the hotel with some not so shrimpy live shrimp for bait. Caught nothing, I suspect because the bait was bigger than the fish. 😒 But my wife did make a new friend. 🤣 After a "hard" day fishing, we went out to the Islamorada Fi
  3. I picked this up from a charity auction for 610$ and it came with 2 new covers and 6 qts of Bel Ray oil (I never heard of the oil until now). It is a 1986 Suzuki Cavalcade that has been parked since 2015 the PO had medical issues and passed away. I have a notebook of his that had all maintenence that was done and even everytime he put gas in it how many gallons and how much it cost. So far I put a battery in it and I am doing an inspection on it. The starter relay clicks but it doesn't turn over and the clutch system needs to be rebuilt. The air ride has a leak somewhere because the pump wont
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