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New member with questions about RSV

Guest gary n

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Guest gary n

I am looking at trading my VTX1800 for a 99 RSV. I need 2-up comfort and found someone who is wanting to go the other way so it will benefit us both without the hassle of selling and buying, etc. I don't see many of them on the road so I'm not that familiar with the bike. i have been looking through the site and have seen very few issues or problems.


Anything I should be aware of on the RSV?

Will the electrical system handle aux. lights, a communication system and heated clothing?

How hard/costly is it to install the Vmax cams and how much benefit?

Anything else I need to know?



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Guest BluesLover

First of all ... Welcome!!!


You can't beat the comfort (my passenger will vouch for that) of the RSV (I can only speak for the 2nd Gen, as I've never been on a 1st Gen).


Things to watch out for:


1. She's a heavy bike!

2. She can really go!

3. She's addictive!


Bike comes with a comm unit, and has no problem with additional load.


If it's a 2nd Gen that you're getting, and the mods haven't been already done, I suggest:


a. Get a driver's backrest (Utopia or Diamond R)

b. Get lower vents (Yamaha OEM)

c. Get more lighting for the rear (Harley lights or lots of other options_

d. Get highway pegs (Kuryakin or OEM)


And, after all that ... ENJOY!!!:hurts:



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Looks like Lou already did a good job of the fundamentals. The back rest should probably be first if it doesn't already have one. I prefer the DiamondR, though there are others who swear by the Utopia. If you have inseam to spare the DiamondR leveling links will make it handle more easily, particularly at parking lot speeds. A tach is also a good investment.


V-Max cams? Well, if you really feel the need (don't forget the springs and a Dyna3000 spark module). There's also the V-Max rear end conversion. Both are on my long list. Even without these mods, there are a few bikes that'll pass you, while you'll pass a whole lot of others. Once you get to riding it you might decide not to bother. These things are pretty peppy stock.


Just remember it's a water cooled V-four. Think of it as a sport bike power package with a cruiser wrapped around it. Ride it higher in the rpm range than you would an air cooled v-twin. I don't really like to shift to fifth until I'm breaking the speed limit on the Interstate.


Above all, have fun!

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Welcome to the family.


The intercom, as Bluelover stated, is built in. Works great and uses a standard 5 pin connector. There are ways to tie in a GPS and cell phone (they must be done together) if that is your desire.


The VMax cams? Save your money and time and start saving for the 3rd generation Venture (hopefully) being introduced in the next couple of years. It will likely be based on the new VMax being introduced now. You will have plenty of power to get where you need to go, just not quite as much as you have been used to with the 1800.


If you are intending to run heated clothes, the charging system will keep up with you - and only you. If you intend to also have your passenger run heated clothing, you will likely come up short. There are upgraded stators available that may cover your needs. I suggest adding an inexpensive volt meter to monitor the charging system if you are running lots of load. I run a heated liner and gloves with no problem.


As long as you are not vertically challanged, you may want to look into levelling links. These change the geometry by lifting the rear end slightly and make low speed handling easier. This is an easy and inexpensive option. You can also lower the front end or get a thinner front tire to help with this. There are tech articles on here that explain all.


However, first and foremost, please keep in mind this is the most expensive free website you will ever find. We are all very pleased to help you spend your disposable income on chrome and farkles.


Again, welcome. The RSV is a wonderful cruising machine that will provide many miles of trouble free pleasure.



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If you're mechanically inclined, VMX cams and springs are an easy swap and will give you in the neighborhood of a 15 hp boost. I'm running them, and I'd do the swap again in a heartbeat. Find some used ones on ebay and unload your old ones the same way, and you won't have very much in the job at all. Those who have to ask why you want them won't understand the answer anyway.

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