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For those of you who use the Mellow Yellow theme, just wanted to let you know that I do realize that it's a bit messed up right now. Double menu bars at the top are missing and the buttons and etc. are not correct for the theme.


The reason is that I had to update the templates to solve a "security token" issue. I had to do it on all the themes but that is the only one that requires different settings and etc. for the buttons and etc. It will work fine as is and I will finish with the menu bars, graphics and etc. later this evening or tomorrow morning.


Thank you for your patience.

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OK....I've got the double menus added back. Since you say you are OK with the buttons and etc., I think I'll leave them as is. The problem is that when I look at my error logs, I have a LOT of errors on that theme due to the fact that the person who developed those graphics did not create buttons and graphics for everything that we use here. So my error log is FULL of "file not found - images/yellow/....various buttons and etc.

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