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Help with wiring a relay - am I correct?


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6 hours ago, VentureFar said:


Just want to confirm that I run the switched power that is turned on and off by the key, through the toggle switch to #86.



You got it right. and #85 you simply run to ground or neg side of Battery. #30 is fused power supply from the Battery POS+ and 87 goes to what ever it is you want to power up. Some relays have a fifth terminal marked 87a you can just ignore that one. On those relay's that terminal works opposite 87, in other words one is in the off/NO position when the other is in the on/NC position. When you power up the relay anything connected to 87 will switch on  while any thing connected to 87a will switch off. On some rare occasions you will see one with 87b instead of 87a this means that it is normally off/NO same as 87 and both terminals can be used for example one for a right side light and one for a left side light.

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