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Run/turn/brake light bar for 2nd gen ventures


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This light bar will mount under the trunk of a GEN 2 ROYAL STAR VENTURE, just remove the plastic rivets on the helmet locks and bolt it up.


Unit comes complete with plug and play wire harness that plugs in under the seat, spacers and mounting hardware.

Available with red lens or clear lens, all LEDs shine red.

It has five tag wires soldered to the main harness so you can add more lights or a trailer hook up.


Price is $68.00 delivered in the lower 48 states, add $15.00 to ship to Canada.


To order just send a PM thru Venturerider or send me an email at stevemarilyn@hotmail.com. Tell me how you are going to pay and where to ship to, I will confirm your order by return mail.


Payments can be made via PayPal at stevemarilyn@hotmail.com.

DSCN0368 resized.jpg

DSC_0031 resized.jpg

DSC_0030 resized.jpg

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Price increase due to Post Office rate increase
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Yes I can do both at the same time in the same harness. I always recommend that folks use an isolator for their trailer hook up. With an isolator if something goes wrong on the trailer  all you lose are the trailer lights not all the lights on the bike. Here is a link to my 4 pin trailer set up, I could use the trailer circuit to power the light bar.

Not sure what  the total cost would be , I would need to quote it for you if you want to go that way.


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ow long is the cord I usually have it ware I can disconnect from Bike when not in use 

Also do you provide the Male prong as  5 pin as well?

Send me your info and i can PayPal 101.00, I need Brakes, Right and Left turn, Park and Ground, i do not need power to the trailer 





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The harness going from the converter to the trailer connector is about 4-1/2 feet long and is normally secured to the fender stays or routed under the seats and fender, it would be an inconvenience to  remove it when ever you are not pulling a trailer.  If you want I could for an additional $15.00 put a waterproof connector about 12" back from the trailer connector so you could unplug that 12" section and remove the trailer connector. I would provide a dummy plug that would plug into the disconnected end on the bike to protect it from dirt and water.

The male 5 pin does not come as part of the standard harness package.  I can provide one for an additional $10.00, I would need to know how long yo want the wires to be.

My Pal Pal information is in the link I sent you in my previous response, but here it is again, Payments can be made via PayPal at stevemarilyn@hotmail.com.

Be sure to send me your mailing address and a list of what parts you want me to supply.

You started with asking about the run tail brake light bar, so I am not sure if you still want that as well or just the trailer harness with the option I listed above. If you both the light bar and trailer harness let me know, because you may save a bit on money on shipping if I package them together. Let me know what all you want and where I will be sending it, and I will give you a quote on the total.

Steve K

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If connecting to a 5 pin trailer, you do not need a converter,  the converter is only require d when going from 5 wires to 4 wires.

I always recommend using an isolator, to protect the bike's wiring should the trailer develop a problem like a short circuit.  

Yes my 5 pin  trailer system is plug and play. Under the seat on the left hand side just forward of the battery you should find a white 6 pin connector with 5 wires (blue, yellow, black, green and brown) that connector set connects the main harness to the fender harness.  My harness connects between those OEM connectors and branches out to run the isolator. The only other connections you have to make to the bike is to connect the fused power wire to the battery positive and the ground wire to the battery negative.

Here a photo of the 5 in system showing all the connections on a standard package.  I provide instructions and a wiring diagram.  The only change I have made  to the system since that picture was taken , is to not use solder splices, instead I found it better to put two wires in the crimp contact right at the connector.


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On 12/5/2020 at 6:37 AM, M61A1MECH said:

Replied to email.

Got it just before Christmas.  Finally got around to installing it today.  Only took about an hour and I was taking my time.   GREAT product, Easy to follow instructions, and works perfectly!  Thank you for making this safety upgrade so easy to do!

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4 hours ago, bigboy81 said:

Is there a way to make half blink with the turn signal as well???

Yes my standard set up uses the 4 lights left or right of center as turn signals, they will blink with the turn signals, but only if the brakes are not applied. Any time the brakes are applied the 8 lights on either side of the center light illuminate at full brightness.

The extreme left and right as well as the center are on anytime the tail light is on.

Below shows the left turn signal on and tail light on,  unfortunately  I do  not have a video.


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